Healthcare Audiences


Precision, Privacy & Performance

With DeepIntent’s Patient Modeled Audiences, advertisers can deliver timely and relevant ads to precise patient audiences while ensuring the utmost patient privacy. We bring together industry-leading data, identity, and privacy partners so advertisers can target high-value, campaign-specific patient audiences in a HIPAA-certified way

Our Privacy-First Process

Patient Modeled Audiences uses fully-anonymized clinical and consumer data, machine learning, and bespoke healthcare technology to:

Build predictive models that are campaign-specific and HIPAA-compliant (3rd party certified)

Score users to identify your most clinically-relevant patients

Send audiences directly to our  healthcare DSP  for immediate, streamlined activation

“Patient Modeled Audiences is proving to be a top performer across many of our clients for reaching qualified audiences at scale. As an agency that prides itself on the use of data and technology for healthcare marketing, Patient Modeled Audiences plays an integral role in that strategy.”


“We partnered with DeepIntent to conduct a comprehensive disclosure risk assessment of their Patient Modeled Audiences solution. Their commitment to responsible data usage and patient privacy is admirable. It gave us great pleasure to certify their HIPAA compliance.”


Unique Benefits to Advertisers

DeepIntent's Patient Modeled Audiences is the most comprehensive and privacy-safe patient targeting and activation solution available today

Audience Precision
  • Campaign-specific models based on clinical data, consumer attributes, and your objectives
  • Value-based audience creation
  • Accuracy to reach smaller patient populations
Immediate Addressability
  • Quick custom audience creation
  • Audience exports directly to our healthcare DSP for immediate activation
Unparalleled Efficiency
  • No fees to set-up or update models
  • More effective use of your budget; precise targeting reduces risk of wasted media spend
Transparency & Insight
  • Full visibility into model inputs, scores, and audience selection process
Certified & Proven Compliance
  • HIPAA-verified by a certified 3rd party
  • Sensitive information never enters DeepIntent’s environment

#1 Performing Partner

Patient Modeled Audiences consistently outperforms competitive solutions due to extraordinary efficacy and efficiency. We achieved the #1 partner position in an independent, 12-partner test. Check out our latest case study to learn more.
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