Reach Providers Who Are Actively Treating, or About to Treat, Relevant Patients

Create trigger-based audiences to maximize awareness and consideration among HCPs as treatment decisions are being made.

Trigger-Based Audiences Using Eligibility and Labs Data

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Eligibility Data

Reach NPIs right before a clinically-relevant patient’s visit. DeepIntent is the first and only DSP to leverage eligibility data to reach providers prior to scheduled patient appointments
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Labs Data

Engage HCP audiences who are ordering lab tests or receiving lab results for conditions relevant to your campaign

How to Build Trigger-Based HCP Audiences

Trigger-based segments are created, comprised of relevant NPIs based on labs or eligibility data and campaign-specific claims codes
NPIs are verified for relevancy and addressability using other DeepIntent data sets

HCP audiences are targeted with timely messaging as treatment decisions are being made

Trigger-based segments are continuously refreshed to account for new appointments and lab testing

DeepIntent Healthcare Advertising Platform

Are you ready to see the platform in action?

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DeepIntent’s Eligibility Data Increases Exposure Among HCP Audiences Prior to Patient Visits, an Industry First

A pharmaceutical company created HCP audiences to raise awareness for an injectable drug therapy that treats acute attacks of Hereditary Angeiodemia (HAE), a rare disease. Leveraging DeepIntent’s eligibility data, the campaign resulted in ~2.5x ROI driven by new patient starts.

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