Healthcare Audiences


Improve Ad Relevance with Our Exclusive Journey Data

Reach highly-qualified providers, patients, and influencers who have demonstrated interest in conditions, drugs, or topics that are relevant to your campaign

MarketMatch® continuously monitors behavior across our network of 200K+ publisher and partner sites, including 1K+ endemic health sites

Pages, topics, and keywords are mapped to our robust healthcare taxonomy to easily identify users who have engaged with clinically-relevant content

Our advertisers use Journey data to identify and reach people based on their timely interest and engagement with campaign-specific topics

Relevant terms can include disease state, ICD-10 code(s), Rx brand, competitive brands, symptoms, search keywords, and more

Use Journey Data to Build or Refine Audiences


Build qualified, campaign-specific Journey audiences based on past user engagement with clinically-relevant topics and keywords


Layer Journey data atop your Provider and Patient audiences to refine segments and improve ad delivery

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