My Career Journey at DeepIntent: Matt Nam

“My Career Journey” is an interview series where we showcase the phenomenal talent at DeepIntent, offering insight into the paths that led them to their current role, as well as the ways they’re making an impact at the company.

As Director of Talent Acquisition, I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Matthew Nam, VP of Sales & Solutions, to discuss his career, his keys to success, and his advice for anyone in a customer-facing role.

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What initially brought you to DeepIntent?

The company’s mission, and the culture. During my time in media, I’ve watched the consistent innovation come out of Deepintent’s product team. Knowing that DeepIntent focuses on being on the cutting edge excited me to be a part of this company.

What parts of your job inspire you every day? What are you most passionate about in your day-to-day work?

I’m inspired by the different types of people that I get to connect with, who have different
experiences and backgrounds.

At Deepintent, we sell effectiveness and efficiency that ultimately helps physicians and patients. We are making it easier for physicians to find the best products for their patients, and we educate patients so they are more informed about options that could be best for them. We do this by consistently innovating at the technology level, making it easier for everyone who touches the media that physicians and patients see. Being able to have a direct impact on the medical industry by creating a fast and more dynamic healthcare environment for physicians and patients gives me purpose and fuels my passion for my work.

As you’ve grown in your career at DeepIntent, what have been your keys to success?

It’s been an amazing seven months at DeepIntent and I have absolutely seen growth not only as a professional, but as a contributing member in society. Getting to this level in my career took the wherewithal to become a domain expert in my space by not being afraid to ask questions, and not being afraid to search out answers when I don’t know them. It’s also important to look for mentors at all levels and build internal advocates who have your best interests in mind and want to see you succeed. I’ve also been able to expand my network with an extremely diverse clientele. Being part of a company that supports you in this way is a great feeling.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone looking to kickstart a career in strategy or a customer-facing position?

Be an active listener. The customer will tell you everything they need if you give them the space to talk. Also, you are forever a student; one should always be learning and expanding upon their knowledge to be the most impactful at what they do. You want your customers to be inspired by your ability to understand their needs and how you will meet them. Be genuine in your approach to help whoever it is you are working with and learn to provide information in a way that is best for the other to receive it.

Who has been a mentor to you during your career at DeepIntent?

Early on during my time at DeepIntent, I made sure to reach out to my external mentors to guide my ramp-up. Karima Sharif from PHM was one of my external advocates who provided honest mentorship and framing to ensure my early success.

Then, I sought out internal advocates who had a teacher’s mindset. Chris Colella and Paul Sluberski were individuals I found to actively provide guidance to me and others as I ramped up. I found their calls and guidance incredibly useful to help me hit the ground running, and contributed to my early success at the company.

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