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Case Study: DeepIntent Outcomes™ (35% Higher TRx)
DeepIntent Outcomes™ enabled one leading healthcare media agency and its largest pharma client to coordinate HCP and patient media, driving 35% higher TRx. Download...
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Case Study: DeepIntent Outcomes™ (10-35% Higher Script Lift)
Our unique combination of HCP and patient marketing drove 10-35% higher script lift for one leading healthcare media agency and its top client, thanks to DeepIntent Outcomes™. Download...
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Case Study: DeepIntent Outcomes™ (25% Higher TRx, NRx)
Learn how DeepIntent Outcomes™ drove 25% higher TRx and NRx for one leading pharma company by integrating HCP and patient campaigns. Download Now
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Clinical Data Underpin Improvements in Healthcare: Komodo Health's Lauren Stahl
Komodo Health VP Lauren Stahl explains how clinical data gives marketers a solid understanding of the patient journey, helping them improve outcomes.
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The Patient Perspective: Do Patients Feel Informed by Pharmaceutical Ads?
The very first pharmaceutical ad had a brief run. When Boots revolutionized healthcare marketing by airing the country’s first TV commercial for a prescription drug nearly...
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The Patient Perspective: Paving the Path to Awareness, Ad Relevance and Empowerment
We surveyed patients to understand how informative and relevant they consider pharmaceutical ads, how these ads inform their decision-making and overall health and wellness...
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Case Study: Automatic Media Cost Optimizer (AMCO) Bidding Algorithm
Learn how our Automatic Media Cost Optimizer (AMCO) bidding algorithm helped one leading biotechnology company increase reach by 62% at a 33% lower cost. Download Now
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The Time is Now: 4 Steps to Getting Ahead on Complying with the CPRA
Less than a year after the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect, businesses have found themselves experiencing déjà vu with the passing of Proposition...
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Case Study: Patient Modeled Audiences (Audience Quality)
Patient Modeled Audiences delivered 25% higher audience quality at 59% lower cost for one leading pharmaceutical company seeking to raise awareness for a specific drug. Download...
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