Optimize Ad Campaigns With DeepIntent Outcomes™

Optimize live ad campaigns with the first and only demand side platform proven to drive higher script performance through the use of real-world clinical data.​

DeepIntent Outcomes™

Grow scripts by up to 35%* with DeepIntent Outcomes™, patented technology that empowers marketers to go beyond clicks and impressions, and automatically optimize campaigns in-flight based on the industry’s fastest pharmaceutical data refresh.

*as proven in beta

With DeepIntent Outcomes, marketers can leverage the most comprehensive, timely, and actionable clinical dataset available to:


Craft and coordinate HCP and DTC campaigns based on patient and provider insights, including past and present script performance.


Bid based on business outcomes such as audience quality, visits and script performance like TRx, NRx and NBRx.


Measure collective performance of HCP and DTC buys, uncover how your campaigns work together, and auto-optimize in-flight to grow scripts while maximizing media efficiency.

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